Tu Veux Tu Veux Pas (The Missionaries)
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World, excluding France & Benelux, USA
Comedy, French Cinema
Release date:
01 March 2015
Running time:
1 hours 28 minutes
IMDB: 5.1, ALLOCINE: 2.0
Tonie Marshall
Sophie Marceau, Patrick Bruel
French with English subtitles


Lambert is an addict. A sex addict. It once cost him his pilot job but he’s now trying to work it out through a support group and a new career as couples’s therapist. Judith is a nymphomaniac who’s delighted to sleep with everyone she likes and especially the men she works with. Until it gets her fired. So now she’s crashing at her grumpy old uncle’s home, until she gets back on her feet. When Judith applies for a job at Lambert’s practice, they are instantly attracted to each other. But the more she tries to seduce him, the more he wants to build a healthy relationship with her… not based on sex. It’s an uphill battle every day to keep her from jumping his bones!

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