Trader Games (Krash)
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World ex. Canada
Drama, French Cinema, Thriller
Release date:
01 January 2011
Running time:
1 hours 27 minutes
Fabrice Genestal
Gilles Lellouche, Vahina Giocan, Michael Madsen,Charles Berling, Lisa Ray
French & English (English subtitles)


Wall Street, early 2008. Hot young French trader Erwan, realizes that the work of Sybille, a climate researcher, applies to market fluctuations and can be used for financial predictions. He risks testing the theory at the firm for which he works. But, as his superiors don’t give him enough time for positive results to show, Erwan takes a huge loss. He is then fired. With the help of Sybille and a handful of people who believe in him, he launches his own company and starts to win big. Very, very big. Until…

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