Teachers (Les Profs)
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World except France
Comedy, French Cinema
Release date:
01 August 2013
Running time:
1 hours 28 minutes
Pierre François Martin-Laval
Christian Clavier, Isabelle Nanty, Kev Adams
French with English subtitles


The students of Jules Ferry High school have defied every attempt to improve their school’s standing. In despair, the chairman of the Board of Education accepts his deputy’s suggestion to fight fire with fire by sending the most inept teachers to raise the bar at the country’s worst high school. Beautiful Amina, enigmatic Maurice, accident-waiting-to-happen Albert and comatose Cutiro join forces with sports-mad Eric, plain mad Gladys and Polochon, a wannabe history teacher and fulltime Napoleon fanatic, to lift the school’s success rate above 50%. Little do they suspect that dark forces are at work behind their appointment!

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