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World, except France
Classics, Comedy, French Cinema
Release date:
Running time:
1 hours 48 minutes
Etienne Chatillez
Sabine Azéma, André Dussolier, Eric Berger
French with English subtitles

Synopsis: “You’re such a cutie. You can live here with us forever if you want.” Little do Paul and Edith Guetz know that this effusive declaration to their baby in his cot will prove to be prophetic. 28 years later, and Tanguy is still at home. He’s brilliant (holds a degree in philosophy, Japanese and is finishing off a thesis in Chinese), charming (everyone loves him), attractive (apart from his fiancée Marguerite, Paul and Edith can’t keep up with the number of women he brings home) and just loves living with his parents. Although Paul is the first to joke about the situation and their “big baby”, all appears to be harmonious at the Guetz’s place. On the surface at least. In fact, Edith can no longer stand Tanguy being at home…

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