Love Crime (Crime d’Amour)
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World excluding France & USA
French Cinema, Thriller
Release date:
01 January 2011
Running time:
1 hours 46 minutes
Alain Corneau
Ludivine Sagnier, Kristin Scott Thomas
French with English subtitles


Isabelle works under Christine. They think alike. They are quite different. They might be lovers. But Christine takes credit for Isabelle’s brilliant ideas. A struggle ensues between these two attractive and powerful women, the two top executives in the French office of an American multinational. Christine has the upper hand and no mercy. Humiliated and nearly destroyed, Isabelle begins to plot her revenge. Imaginative and thorough, calculating and exact, Isabelle makes an outstanding murderer. Every strange, seemingly haphasard thing she does – including a sudden drug dependence and wandering aimless in the rain – is part of her plan to kill. And get away with it.

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