Imogene Mc Carthery
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World, Except France
Classics, French Cinema
Release date:
Running time:
1 hours 18 minutes
Charlot et Magnier
Catherine Frot, Lambert Wilson
French with English subtitles

Synopsis: She’s a redhead. She’s Scottish. She likes rugby and bagpipes. She lives in London but considers herself an exile. She’s a tough cookie and can really kick back the whisky. Her name is Imogene Mc Carthery… from the McLeod clan! One fine day in May 1962, Imogene, a secretary for the Royal Navy is given a secret mission: to take the blueprints of a new warplane to a contact in Callander, Scotland; her hometown! What a coincidence! What a twist of fate! Imogene, secret agent… that’ll show those damned English and make her dead daddy proud. Getting on the train back to her hometown, little does Imogene know what awaits her; a mysterious plot, three ruthless Bolshevik agents, and above all, her childhood sweetheart Samuel Tyler, a broken man with a terrible secret. Danger, honor, love… Go, Imogene!

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