First Love (Ma Premiere Fois)
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Drama, French Cinema, Romance
Release date:
01 September 2012
Marie Castille Mention-Schaar
Esther Comar, Martin Cannavo, Vincent Perez
French with English subs


Zachary is 20. Sarah, almost 18. The bad boy and the angel. Probably nothing could have got them together except something unpredictable : the magic between two human beings that fate has decided to « marry ». Zachary is a serial lover. Sarah never fell in love. She has built herself with her gaps, specially her father’s absence. From her weaknesses, she has made herself a battlement. Only her stepfather, Richard, who raised her as a daughter, and her best friend, Pauline, really know Sarah. They are the warmth, the life force, the light on Sarah’s shadows. Zachary will disturb Sarah’s certainties. Dark, mature, hunted by the violences his father inflicted on him as a child, he has grown too fast. He quickly assumed alone and wants to need nobody. Sarah is in her final year of boarding school. Zachary lands there with the last chance to pass an exam that means nothing to him : the Bac. From january to june : six months between their school, Megève and Paris, will erase all the previous years. Six months, to realize that no one can do anything against love, great love, true love. A love that will last forever.

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