Chilly Christmas
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Comedy, Hollywood
Release date:
01 November 2013
Running time:
1 hours 44 minutes
Gregory Poppen
C. Thomas Howell, Brooke Langton, Tom Arnold


In the stunning beachfront community of Sunnyside, California, we meet Bobby Cole, a lonely 11-year-old boy whose best friend is a beautiful but gigantic dog named Chilly. Bobby’s father Patrick, a single parent, is a police detective hero in Sunnyside and recently won national recognition for catching the FBI’s most wanted bank robber. It is a week before Christmas in this «winter wonderland», but Patrick has some bad news for his son. He has accepted a job as the head of the FBI’s bank robbery task force in New York City. They will be living in an apartment… and there is no way that Chilly, a very active outdoor beach dog who has a penchant for destroying things when he’s inside, can live as an indoor city dog. Patrick tells his son Bobby that they will have to give Chilly away to a new owner in Sunnyside. After hilarious interviews with some very strange prospective owners don’t work out, Bobby believes his father will have to take Chilly with them… until Patrick’s boss, Lieutenant Melissa “Mel” Stone, agrees to adopt Chilly. So Bobby and his pals Cap and Kizzy come up with a brilliant plan: he has only five days to turn this large, rambunctious rare breed of dog from an outdoor dog to an indoor dog!

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