Ces Amours La
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Drama, French Cinema, Romance
Release date:
02 November 2011
Running time:
2 hours 0 minutes
Audrey Dana, Raphael, Samuel Labarthe, Laurent Couson
French with English subtitles


Ilva is a woman who falls in love too quickly. Unaware and unconcerned about how her passion may be perceived, she finds herself having to live with the consequences of her actions. First, in the middle of the German occupation in Paris, she falls for a Nazi, which indirectly leads to the death of her father. For many, her relationship was interpreted as her collaboration with the Nazis. Her next love story, however, bring additional tragedy. During the liberation of France in ’44, when she is violently summoned to answer for her relationship with the German, she is saved by two Americans GIs, one white and one black. She falls in love with both these men, at the same time. Her inability to choose between them, creates conflict, unhappiness and murder. The film combines a combines history, music, and a little absurdity to treat the subject of love, passion, and destiny.

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