Big Is Beautiful (Mince alors!)
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Worldwide exc. France
Comedy, Films, French Cinema
Release date:
01 July 2012
Running time:
1 hours 40 minutes
Charlotte de Turckheim
Victoria Abril, Catherine Hosmalin, Lola Dewaere, Gregory Fitoussi
French with English subtitles


Pretty and talented Nina, 30, and her husband Gaspard run a successful swimsuit company in Paris. Only too happy to get time alone with his mistress, Gaspard offers Nina a one month weight loss program in the Alps. Plump Nina reluctantly accepts… At the “fat farm”, Nina encounters a motley group of weight losers and is befriended by two women with big personalities: Emilie, the fat, warm, full-figured homemaker who claims that “Big is Beautiful!”, but comes to the spa every year and won’t admit that she is not as happy or healthy as she appears; and Sophie, an entirely redone attorney, who refuses to age, diets to control her body and pays for sex to control her heart. Between sweating up a storm in fitness classes and learning to eat right, our three protagonists become the best of friends, bending the rules together, flirting or splurging on a savory restaurant meal! And they start to realize that happiness and success can only come from self-acceptance. A moving film around friendship, in the vein of 35-Something, Bridesmaids and Sex in the City… with a few extra pounds!

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