Avant L’hiver (Before the Winter Chill)
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World, excluding France, USA
Drama, French Cinema
Release date:
01 April 2014
Running time:
1 hours 42 minutes
Philippe Claudel
Daniel Auteuil, Kristin Scott Tomas, Leïla Bekhti, Richard Berry
French with English subtitles


Paul has never questioned his choices. Married right out of med school to the stunning Lucie, who set aside her own career to accommodate his brilliant one as a brain surgeon, he has been faithful, has earned the respect of his peers, raised a son and built a lovely home. Life is good. But now, in the autumn of his life, something might threaten all that. It starts after a chance meeting with young and mysterious Lou who keeps turning up in his life. When roses are delivered daily at his office and home, Paul presumes Lou is stalking him, yet he can’t resist the lure of an ambiguous and dangerous relationship with her. Fascinated by her emotional frailty, her mystery and grace, Paul fails to see that he might be the target of a sinister plot, something dark and twisted that could threaten everything he’s built and everyone he loves.

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