Alan Partridge Alpha Papa
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France, UK, Canada, USA, Australia
Comedy, Hollywood
Release date:
01 April 2014
Running time:
1 hours 30 minutes
Declan Lowney
Anna Maxwell Martin, Steve Coogan, Colm Meaney
English (original version) Arabic subtitles Chinese subtitles others TBD


Alan Partridge is now working as a mid-morning DJ at North Norfolk Digital but his career is flagging. When a big media company take it over and re-brand it as “Shape”, Alan discovers his job might be under threat and ends up privately convincing the new management to get rid of another DJ instead – Pat Farrell. Denied the chance to say goodbye, Pat returns to the radio station with a plan for vengeance, and starts broadcasting. The only person he trusts, the only person he’ll talk to is Alan. When events take a surprising turn, Alan is thrust into the media spotlight – but starts to realise that this could work out well for him.

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