16 Ans Ou Presque (Adulteen)
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World, excluding France, USA
Comedy, French Cinema
Release date:
01 August 2014
Tristan Seguela
Laurent Lafitte, Victor George, Christophe Malavoy
French with English subtitles


Arnaud Mustier, 34, is a living symbol of success and excellence. Lawyer and hyperactive philosopher, he can be quite irritating sometimes. However, this apparent perfection is about to be shattered. A few pimples, odd behavior, and the diagnosis is made: Arnaud suffers from L.T.C.D., a rare pathology that makes male patients go through a late teen crisis. As he opens up to a whole new world of intense youth, he starts to seriously freak out the people around him… starting with his teenage brother! A modern and colorful fish out of water adventure into the world of teenagers.

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