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French Cinema, Thriller
Release date:
01 July 2013
Philippe Godeau
Francois Cluzet, Bouli Lanners
French with English subtitles.


November 5th, 2009, 10:00: Toni Musulin gently presses the accelerator in his armored van. In the back are 11.6 million Euros. In just a few days, the anonymous security guard becomes a public figure. He is “the brains behind the heist of the century”, thrust into a huge media frenzy centered on a robbery without violence that yielded unprecedented spoils. A man seeking revenge for humiliation at the hands of his boss and the system, Toni is deeply unpredictable – one day, an ordinary guy in grey sweats cycling around town, the next the proud owner of a red Ferrari he races in Monaco. As he says of himself, he’s a first class gentleman stuck in a second class seat. He plans his sting like he plans his life – meticulously. It takes a year to leave his wife and break with his only friend. One year to perfect his solo attack, taking advantage of flaws in the system Toni knows

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