Mixer explores creative new television territory at the confluence of the beautiful, the delicious and the talented.
Exclusive, epicurean, innovative and entertaining gourmet programming.

Mixer is a unique concept built around creative cuisine — a gathering place for all the new trends in gastronomy and the culinary arts.

  • The new textures, forms and flavours of modern cuisine: sculpted vegetables and graphic cakes (Stéphane Bureau), tattooed apples (Stéphanie Sagot), Christmas log cake (Philippe Starck).
  • The new tools for preparing and enjoying: capsules, flasks, pipettes, flatware, china and other new objects for the table.
  • The new packaging for everyday consumer products and their new presentations.
  • Edible art, the meeting of art and gastronomy: Marc Brétillot’s culinary happenings (cute and enticing meals presented on a rolling mechanical cart, vertical chocolate plates good enough to lick…).

Mixer reveals the trends, meets the creators and visits the places that bring creative cuisine to life. Mixer goes to the source of the phenomenon. Europe, of course — Spain, Italy and France — but also Japan, where cooking has long been an art form.

Genre: TV – Lifestyle
Release date: 2014-12-01
Runtime: 6 seasons 13 x 26 minutes
Language: English, French
Territory: Worldwide


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