Cirque du Soleil – Dralion


The “Dralion” of the show’s title refers to a mythical creature that is part Chinese dragon and part lion. It also serves as an embodiment of the show’s theme: the blend of Eastern and Western cultures and customs. At one point in the show, a troop of acrobats dress up as Dralions (two acrobats per costume) to perform what feels like a parody of a traditional circus animal act. The Dralions even perform tricks while balancing on wooden balls. The blend of elements from several cultures, both Eastern and Western, runs throughout the show. For instance, bagpipes are blended with African beats, and an aerial hoop act is staged like a tango. The music ranged from Anya-like arias performed by two vocalists (speaking their own language) to hip hop done to an African beat.

Genre: TV – Performing Arts,
Release date: 2013-09-02
Runtime: 90 min
Language: Non Verbal


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