Cirque du Soleil – Through the Curtain: An In-Depth Look at Corteo


The 45-minute “Through the Curtain: An In-Depth Look at Corteo” features comments from performers and others involved with the production, which they say is Cirque du Soleil’s biggest touring show yet. Through the Curtain, a making-of documentary that includes interviews with first-time Cirque director Daniele Finza-Pasca, and some of the early choreography and practice sessions while routines are crafted and honed. The director gives one of the hoop gymnasts the advice: “Talk to the ring… hold it like you would the horns of a bull!” Heed their advice and let the magic begin!

Genre: TV – Documentaries, Performing Arts,
Release date: 2013-09-02
Runtime: 52 min
Language: English & French
Territory: North America


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