REMI SANS FAMILLE (Remi, Nobody’s Boy)
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World excluding France and U.S.A.
Drama, Family,
Release date:
June 2019
Running time:
1 hours 49 minutes
IMDB: 6.8/ 10 Allo Cine: 4.2 / 5
Antoine Blossier
Daniel Auteuil, Maleaume Paquin, Virginie Ledoyen, Jonathan Zaccaï, Jacques Perrin, Ludivine Sagnier, Albane Masson, Simon Armstrong
Age restriction:
Original French with available subtitles: Arabic, Chinese, English Original French with available dubs: English

Adapted from Hector Malot’s celebrated classic novel, NOBODY’S BOY follows the adventures of Remi, a young orphan raised by the kind Mrs. Barberin, then torn away from his adoptive mother at age ten and placed in the care of Signor Vitalis, a mysterious traveling performer. With him, Remi learns the arduous life of a wandering entertainer and sings to earn his keep. With their loyal dog Capi and the little monkey Joli-Coeur, Remi’s long journey through France and the encounters, friendships and solidarity he experiences along the way, that eventually lead him to the secret of his origins…

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