Au Bout des doigts (In Your Hands)
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World excluding France, French and U.S.A
Release date:
May 2019
Running time:
1 hours 32 minutes
IMDB: 6.1/ 10 Allo Cine: 3.8/5
Ludovic Bernard
Kristin Scott Thomas, Lambert Wilson, Karidja Touré, Jules Benchetrit
Age restriction:
Original French, various dubs and subs

Music is Mathieu Malinski’s secret a subject he dares not talk about in his suburbs where he hangs out with his friends. While one of the small burglaries he makes with them leads him to the gates of the prison, Pierre Geitner, director of the National Conservatory of Music takes him out of it in exchange for hours of general interest. But Pierre has another idea in mind … He discovered in Mathieu a future great pianist and enlists him in the national piano competition. Mathieu enters a new world whose codes he ignores, follows the lessons of the uncompromising “Countess” and meets Anna whom he falls in love with. To succeed in this contest for which all play their destiny, Mathieu, Pierre and the Countess will have to learn to overcome their prejudices …

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