Almost Charming (Un Prince Presque Charmant)
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World excluding France
Comedy, French Cinema, Romance
Release date:
01 September 2013
Running time:
1 hours 48 minutes
Philippe Lellouche
Vincent Perez, Vahina Giocante, Jacques Weber
French with English subtitles


Jean Marc is very good at cutting corners and making money and very bad at everything else. In a few days, Marie, his only daughter will get married in the south of France, but jean Marc is obsessed with a contract he hopes to sign. After long and difficult negotiations, he finally heads south, but the whole country is paralyzed by a general strike and Jean Marc soon runs out of gas. His only chance of making it to the church on time is if he buys an electric car. It ‘s a brutal change for speed- fiend Jean Marc, but only the first of many …..

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